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All our medicines are derived from Mother Earth. It is only a natural corollary that we respect Her back. Care and respect for the environment is part of our company culture and philosophy. 

We have always endeavoured to use recyclable pharmaceutical glass, recyclable non-toxic virgin plastics, pure tin liners, chlorine free and bleach free paper. Even the cardboard boxes in which our medicines are packed in contain a minimum 75% recycled paper content. 

We have happily adopted ‘Green’ protocols for protecting the environment and caring for the health of our patients and staff. Our offices are eco-conscious and have been made responsibly and with sustainable building methods. They conserve energy, water and are almost paper free. Small things like faucet flow regulators have humongous impact in reducing water waste. 

Our Goa offices for instance reflect the character of the surroundings and help reduce environmental impacts. They have been designed preserving the external and internal building structure to the greatest extent possible making great efforts to reduce construction waste. Use of local jackfruit wood, stones and locally mined laterite rock, well water filtration systems, solar water heating and greatest utilization of natural light during the day are a few examples. 

Our offices in Delhi have been designed by our good friend and internationally acclaimed designer Mr. Anis Ahmed. His team has judiciously used reclaimed Millettia laurentii wood from Congo, cedar from Switzerland and kiln baked recycled glass panels, low energy consumption ‘smart’ lighting, ecologically sound low off-gassing paints and eco-friendly metals to create an ideal positive space. 

We keep an eye on our behaviour to constantly reduce our environmental impact. Whatever little is produced is offset by investing in mini green projects so that our level of emissions stay at zero. Our team never misses an opportunity to care for our cherry tomato plants, aubergines, okra, baby corn and lemon trees growing in our gardens.

We hope our offices will inspire others and raise the bar for places of healing to build consciously and take the environment into consideration. After all, we share the same Pale Blue Dot.🔗

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