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Homeopathy is a rational system of medicine. If the body's defence systems are compromised by dietary imbalances, bad habits, disturbed emotions and environmental stresses, your Doctor may suggest a change of diet or lifestyle before prescribing any remedy. Or advise you to correct your lifestyle alongside your treatment. Focussed counselling is as important as the medication and is an intrinsic part of the treatment process.

Homeopathy is definitely not a system of therapeutics for those in search of instantaneous, laidback answers, although it can act extremely swiftly in acute conditions. 

It requires careful self-monitoring and a readiness to stick to an ordained course of action. The repayment is higher vitality, greater resistance to all disease processes and ultimately an exalted state of health.

Homeopathy can cure any disease that is curable. However, not all conditions will respond to Homeopathy; some may be simply beyond the body's ability to heal.

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